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Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!!

I have had a wonderful break travelling down to Sydney to see my family for Christmas and then a great New Year’s eve/9th and final anniversary back in Brisbane. We went out to a great Persian restaurant and then watched the fireworks display over the river.

On New Year’s Day my bride to be thought she’d freak me out by saying “Did you know that we get married this year?”. I countered with “Yeah, did you know that we get married in under three months” and then watched the panic ensue! We have so much to do over the next few months, but the good part is that it will fly by and we have done nearly all of the important things. Everything that is remaining is just fluff which doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Well that’s the man’s view of it, I’m sure that my bride to be would be quite shocked at that opinion and would curse me for even thinking it due to the time involved in completing said tasks.

I hope the new year finds you all well and I look forward to bringing you on the remainder of my journey to the “altar” over the next few months both here and at my guest blog on the knot (



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