Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.


Why can’t people simply answer: “Yes, it looks good” rather than: “Oh, that’s different” or give a backhanded compliment?

Why are people unhelpful and then offended that you haven’t asked them for help?

Why do people just assume that you have a never-ending pit of money which you can pay to have someone else do everything at your wedding?

Why do people always make your wedding about them?

Why do people always insist that you invite people who you don’t really know to your wedding?

Why can’t people just be happy for you?

I apologise for venting.


2 comments on “People.

  1. Rebecca Bain
    December 18, 2012

    This is standard! I was asked by my father why I wanted a photographer, that no children were allowed, and none of my husbands friends could attend…..because all my parents friends needed to be there……so, stick to your guns, do whatever YOU both want and bugger the reaction of others. They will get over it but there is only one wedding day…so make it the way you want it. Carpe Diem!!

  2. yourothermotherhere
    December 18, 2012

    To me, “that’s different” is a compliment.
    Some are truly offended that you didn’t come to them, but most are secretly relieved.
    Repeat after me: “Thank you for your input, but I am doing just fine with this.”
    Just ignore them. It’s like one of your divorced parents refuses to come because the other one will be there. Then you say: “We’ll miss you!” And let it go.
    Because they think they can. You say: “I have my guest list all planned out already.” Smile than walk away.
    They can—and the ones who really care and love you will be happy. Ignore the rest. It’s YOUR day, not their day.

    Congratulations and be strong. Don’t even argue with people. State what you are doing and then walk away.

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