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The male perspective on weddings.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Before I talk about wedding cakes, I first wanted to talk about the toppers. You know what I mean. The little bride and groom on top of the cake. Where did this tradition arise from? Was it not already obvious enough that the cake was surrounded by a wedding that it was, in fact, The Wedding Cake and not just some everyday run of the mill cake.

Perhaps this was the case and someone thought that it was too easy to simply label the cake, so they decided to use symbolic figurines. Or more likely, someone famous had them and then everyone followed suit until it became tradition.

As you may be able to tell, I am not a fan of the topper and will not let my bride have one. I have a serious aversion to them and even worse are the ones where someone thinks that they have a sense of humour. I have seen so many tragic ones which were full of sexual innuendo, sexually explicit, full of zombies or some odd superhero reference. I could go on for hours, but I thought the best way was to show you. So enjoy the below images of atrocity.


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