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The male perspective on weddings.

Top 4 – Damage Limitation Moves

Here are my to four tips to minimise your embarrassment during your big day.

  • During the ceremony, make it the best man and Maid of honour’s job to be spotters in case you faint. This seems to be the most common form of wedding embarrassment and always looks so incredibly painful when they hit the floor so hard. At least by having someone ready to catch you, you won’t end up with head injuries!
  • Do not lift your bride. How many clips are of grooms picking up their bride and either falling straight backwards or stumbling along until they find something particularly painful to propel their bride towards before collapsing in a heap.
  • Always keep an eye on the back of your wedding dress. There are car doors, feet and chair legs all waiting for their moment to leave you standing in front of everyone in your underwear.
  • Do not involve animals in your ceremony. It is a hugely frightening for them to be in amongst a crowd of strangers, so who knows what they’ll do! Before you know it your dog may have gone from ring bearer to leg biter! And please resist the temptation to dress them in human clothes. It’s just wrong!
Dog in a dress

Pets are like children, everybody thinks that their’s is the cutest!


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