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Sad songs say so much

My bride to be and I are currently discussing the music to have during our wedding and we are struggling. Why is it that nearly all of the music that I love, regardless of genre, seems to have themes of breakups, death and tragedy? I love music and I don’t want to have a clichéd song as our first dance, nor do I want to hear ‘Here comes the bride’ as she walks down the aisle. If I have to hear that, then it’ll be ‘There goes the groom’!

Preferably, I would like something in the indie rock/pop category, however much of the subject matter in this genre is very dark. Even very happy sounding songs often have very sinister undertones if you really listen to the lyrics. Too often have I heard of people picking songs that sound happy and romantic on the surface but actually are highly depressing songs at the core.

So maybe I have painted myself into a corner here, maybe I am over thinking it, but this is one of the few things which my bride has tasked me with and I don’t want to disappoint!

Do the lyrics really matter when picking wedding songs? Would I be better just picking a song which means something to me/us?Button saying "I love sad music"


4 comments on “Sad songs say so much

  1. Rebecca Bain
    November 22, 2012

    Come on Simon…get a bit of tradition into the music… can leave the indy rock for the reception!
    I love Trumpet voluntary as the “Kate walsk like the aisle looking like a vision in shocking pink……..”

    Heres a website with some ideas for the traditional without having to listen to “here comes the bride” !!

    • Rebecca Bain
      November 22, 2012

      oops ….I meant “walks down the aisle”…….!!! She wont be walking like the aisle, or indeed looking like the aisle……!!

      • chinstroker
        November 27, 2012

        As soon as I heard the beginning of Trumpet Voluntary my mind shot off to Antiques Roadshow! While I’m aware that it isn’t actually the tune, that is where my mind will go. I would expect Kate to be walking slowly up the aisle toward me clutching a ring that handed down to her by her great grandmother who in turn received it from her great grandmother that was supposedly used during a wedding of British nobility. I would then value it and tell her that it is in fact made of tinfoil and worth only two dollars.

        Unfortunately, traditional music tends to not inspire any kind of feeling in me. I would love to sound more cultured and say that it did, but I can’t. I believe that the song needs to be relevant to us 🙂 But thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. Kate
    November 22, 2012

    The first dance is really important and the one of the only songs you’ll probably remember from the day. First and foremost the song needs to be meaningful, and if lyrics are important to you, that should then also factor in. And it sounds like they do, so keep hunting – you’ll find something!

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