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The final frontier.

Is this the one frontier that was yet to be crossed? I have just discovered that Wedding Insurance exists. A wedding is one of the biggest ‘investments’ that couples ever make, so I guess it is purely logical that this would exist. This doesn’t explain why I feel a little disgusted and find myself screwing my nose up at the computer screen as I trawl through their websites!

I think the thing that gets to me is that you are banking on something not going to plan by taking out the insurance. In the end, if something is going to go wrong, it’s going to go wrong. The only two reasons that I can come up with for this type of insurance to exist.

Corpse Bride

I can’t work out what’s different about Kate Hudson in this photo.

The first I will dub the Bride Wars situation – Where the venue has somehow been double booked and you have to fight it out to the death in order to decide who will be married on that date (perhaps I’m mixing up two movies there?). Nobody but Tim Burton likes a Corpse Bride!

Max Kay

Does he look like he’d set your curtains alight?

The second I will dub the Max Kay situation – This is where a disgruntled guest or participant decides that it’s a good idea to take a cigarette lighter to the curtains and burn down the wedding venue. In this case, I’m sure that the insurance company, who you have  paid less than the maximum $1200, will find some way to wriggle out of paying a cent.

See Max’s horrific story here:

Apart from these two highly unlikely situations, I can not see any reason for me to part with my hard-earned $1200. I know that through this rant, I have probably subjected myself to one of these fates, but it is something that I felt needed to be addressed.

Have you ever thought about wedding insurance? Are there any glaringly obvious reasons for it that I have missed? Please enlighten me below if there is.


One comment on “The final frontier.

  1. Kate
    November 22, 2012

    Sounds like just another thing the wedding folk have created to steal your money. Don’t bother. Most places/businesses you’ll work with will have plans in place in case the most horrible thing happens – they will want your day to go as swimmingly as possible, knowing all too well that bad recommendations stick for a long time!

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