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The male perspective on weddings.

Out of your control.

Here are my top four wedding worries that are out of your control on your wedding day.

  1.  The Weather – Give up worrying about it. What will be will be, you can’t control it, so stop stressing about it. Plan for the worst and you will be pleasantly suprised if it turns out well.
  2. The Food – You can’t control what is going on back there. Unless you see cockroaches coming from the kitchen, don’t try to. Food poisoning happens, even at the best venues with the best caterers. I know from experience!
  3. Drunk Guests – By the time you know that this is a problem, it’s too late. Trust that the venue staff know what to do in this situation and stay away from that person. There’s always one!
  4. Children Screaming– Everyone’s nightmare. In the end, you invited them, so you had to expect the worst. Make sure that the parents are briefed on your expectations prior to the wedding and if you need to, tell the ushers to eject them if neccessary!

    Drunk bride passed out

    Just don’t let it be you who is the drunk one!


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