Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.


This is one of the aspects of a wedding that puzzles me the most. I do not understand why we need to give people “favours” for attending our wedding. Is this just an exercise in one-upmanship? If the present cancels out the free dinner is this the great act of generosity which puts you over the top? Is this just an extension of our childhood where we must leave a party with a gift?

The worst part is that the favour is never something that anyone wants. It is a cheap trinket or a souvenir which will end up either in the rubbish bin or the back of a cupboard. So effectively you are spending a lot of money on a gesture, and not even a very generous one at that.

Topiary place card holders

Is this something that you would treasure for years to come?

I believe that people would respond better to us spending the money that we would spend on the favours on one gift which has the lucky winner drawn from a hat. Not only would it create some excitement, but it also serves as a couple of minutes of entertainment! It could even last as long as five minutes if you jazzed it up a little with drum rolls and a little showmanship.

I am always wary of sounding like a cheapskate when talking about matters such as this, but tell me, where does the spending stop?

Am I just being cheap, or are my views perfectly rational?


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