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Suited Up!!

After an awkward 6 hours of fruitless suit shopping in Christchurch, it only took one hour in Brisbane to find my wedding suit. It was almost too quick to believe.

I would never have thought that there was a distinct difference in suits between New Zealand and Australia. However, while New Zealand has 95% of suits sold as a set, Australia appears to be the complete opposite. Perfect for those of us with ample thighs, long arms and other body shape oddities!

After spending over half an hour in Myer trying on suits and thinking that there were a couple of nice suits there, we left in search of another store. As we approached Roger David it became apparent to me that this might be a trendy store with suits built for effeminate men who could, and would, fit into their girlfriend’s jeans given half the chance. The suited Justin Beiber lookalike in the window with obviously decorative horn-rimmed glassed did nothing to discourage this view.

Justin Beiber in decorative horn rimmed glasses

Perfect for selling suits to regular men?

As we walked inside, my bride to be pulled out a jacket from between a red suit and a blue suit and asked me to try it on. Dragging my heels like a naughty child, I tried it on. It was very poetic that despite my attitude, the jacket fit perfectly. After trying on the trousers and waistcoat it was evident that this suit was made for me.


Thinking this was too easy, my Bride to be asked whether we should go to a couple of other stores to see what they have. To this question I responded, have you not read my blog? I am a man. I don’t need to see all of the options to know that I like this suit and want to buy it.

Me in my new suit

Has anyone out there ever found something that seemed too easy?


2 comments on “Suited Up!!

  1. mostlikelytomarry
    November 6, 2012

    That is how I felt about my wedding dress. It was the first one I tried. I did try on a couple of others after, but there was no going back. It was meant for me.

    Wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss.

  2. Kate
    November 22, 2012

    Looking sharp!
    For my wedding dress, I had to find it in a week, and luckily (and typically) the last dress, furthest away was the one I fell in love with! Wish all wedding decisions were so quick simple 🙂

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