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The entourage.

Is it wrong to make grown men wear pink?

This is the question currently plaguing me.

My bride to be has picked out her bridesmaid’s dresses and they are a pinky orange colour. This presents the problem that now we have to incorporate this colour into my groomsmen’s clothing.

I think that underneath the well natured intentions of every bride and groom there is an unsavoury element working away subconsciously which wants their supporting cast look just a little bit foolish. It is that part of them which wants all of the attention to be on them and not to be upstaged by a bridesmaid or groomsman who looks stunning. You can’t tell me that I’m wrong after looking at the photos below.

Awful bridesmaids in gold dresses

Awkward Groomsmen in suspenders and pink ties

So how do I incorporate this pinky orange colour into my groomsmen’s clothing without making them look like an overgrown flamingo or Patrick the Starfish? Or even worse, the above?

Our current thinking is that using this colour in their ties will be the least offensive way to incorporate it. Does anyone else out there have any better ideas?


2 comments on “The entourage.

  1. Kate
    November 1, 2012

    Use the colour in their boutonnieres? And socks. Definitely need fun socks!

    • chinstroker
      November 3, 2012

      Good thinking 99. Fun socks will be the order of the day regardless! I was thinking bright with polka dots! Do you have any better suggestions?

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