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The male perspective on weddings.

Flower girls.

This past weekend, my bride to be and I went out looking for flower girl dresses. As we have left marriage so late, we now have four young nieces that we want to be a part of the day. We are relaxed people who believe that the girls, who are all under five, should look like little girls. Something casual would suit us perfectly. By the end of the night the probably will have food all over it and rips in it, so why go overboard, right?

Apparently not according to family. Apparently they need to be dressed up in full on party dresses. Now, I want them to feel like they look pretty on the day, but some of these dresses that I have seen in stores (and in emails sent to me by family) look suspiciously like bridal gowns. To me, this is a little creepy and it would look like some kind of mass Gypsy wedding where there are five brides, four of them under the age of five! Not an option!

Young Gypsy Bride

Stealing my bride’s thunder?

We emailed a photo of what we were looking to some of the family concerned and their reaction was less than favourable. It wasn’t what they said that gave me this impression, it was what they didn’t say that was more telling.

So, back to the drawing board to try to find a happy medium between Plain Jane and Gypsy Bride for us.


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