Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.

Money pit.

Who knew that you could spend so much money on clothes, flowers and food?

As the big day looms closer the concept of fleeing to an exotic location to elope becomes ever appealing! It would be cheaper, more romantic and the day would actually be about us and not everybody else! I can just see us getting married on a beach in Rarotonga or in a cute French village.

Rarotonga Wedding

Nice and peaceful

While this would be lovely, the wrath that we would endure from our respective families quickly puts a stop to these daydreams. Why is it that they must all witness this moment. Perhaps it is to bask in the glory of what they have produced, perhaps it is that they want to show everyone that they know how to throw a good party, or perhaps it is just that they love us and want to be a part of our special day. As time goes on, you start to become increasingly confused as to what the answer to this question is.


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