Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.

Wedding makeup.

I imagine that this is a subject which women believe that men do not care about.

Oh how wrong you are.

Whether we know it or not, to us, the makeup is the most important aspect of what you are wearing.

TRUTH – Wedding makeup is applied thicker to look clearer in photos and from a distance.

BIGGER TRUTH – There is a fine line between stage makeup and looking like you belong in a big top with a rainbow coloured wig and oversized trousers.

The other issue is that the stage makeup often makes you look like a totally different person. I want to see the person that I fell in love with in front of me, not a stranger.

Bride in a dress

What you might see.

Funny clown face

What we might see.

Ladies…Please do not show up to our weddings looking like a clown! We will just be disappointed as soon as we see those big red lips grinning at us down the aisle. It really is a crime against natural beauty.

I have to pose the question: Why do you want to look nice for your wedding photos but like Krusty the Clown to us on the day?


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