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The male perspective on weddings.

Suit up!

Who on earth would have thought that this would take me longer than it took for my Bride to find her dress!

Here is the long and short, or skinny and fat of it as it turned out.

So, I started by thinking that this was going to be an easy exercise. I would go to a suit hire shop, pick out one that looked nice, put it on and then give it the thumbs up. No such luck. What I didn’t think about is that a hire suit is just that. It is a suit that has a hiring lifespan of around two years. Let’s be conservative and say that over that period it is only hired out for one day a week. That still means that anywhere up to one hundred people have worn that same suit and done who knows what in it. This is not to mention the ill-fitting “one size fits all” pants which have adjustable clips on the side to cope for people of different girth. Then there is the jacket which has the extraordinary ability to make quite a slim man look like a pie eating champion. After combing my way through about seven different suits at three different shops we decided that this route was not for me. If my Bride got to buy her dress, then why can’t I wear a suit on the day that has not been worn by someone else?

Now, I have never had a problem finding clothes to fit me. I am a regular shaped man whose only irregularity is that I have long legs…or so I thought. After trying on several suits and having no luck finding one that would fit me properly, I was wondering what the problem was. It wasn’t until a seventy year old lady who worked at the premier department store in my city decided to tell me that apparently it was because I have “fat thighs”. In what differing reality does this lady think that this was an acceptable comment to voice to a customer? If I was working there and told her that she had fat thighs, I’d probably be stuck with a different type of suit, a lawsuit! As tactless as these comments were, it turns out that that little piece of information meant that I could only look at suits which has the jacket and trousers sold separately. This has narrowed the field to the point of not bothering and opened up the potential of having a suit tailor made.

I am currently deciding whether it would be cheaper to have a suit tailor made for me here in Australia or whether it would prove cheaper to fly to Asia to have the suit made.

Has anyone had experience with having suits tailor made in Asia? I pose this question  because when my Bride-to-be and I were in Bangkok we each  had a suit made. They looked fine in the store and in Thailand, however when we returned, they had a distinctly Eighties flavour to them (Shoulder pads and all)!

80s guys

Still in fashion?


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