Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.

The engagement.

Engagement to me is merely a formality prior to marriage. My partner and I had been together for nearly eight years before I finally decided to pop the question.

Why wait so long you may say? Did it take you that long to work out that she was the right woman for you?

Well, unlike what most people seem to think, it wasn’t that I was keeping my options open or just taking her best years before trading her in for a new model. The answer was just that I felt too young to be married. I knew that she was the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with from very early on in the piece. We moved in together after eight months and I have never had any doubt that I would always be with her since then.

I am of the opinion that marriage is a way to create a stability only needed in order to bring children into the world. I know that throughout history that men have given women a multitude of reasons to not trust these kinds of intentions however, we are not all bad and harbouring ulterior motives. Not all men are just keeping their options open because they ‘want to sew their wild oats’ as so many people believe.

Disclaimer: If my beloved Bride is reading this  post, DO NOT get too excited. This merely means that I am now open to the idea of children and I wouldn’t see it as the end of the world!

It wasn’t what you are thinking.


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