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The male perspective on weddings.

Ready to engage.

My partner and I began seeing each other nearly nine years ago. Since then we have:  lived in four different cities in three different countries, travelled to twenty four countries, each had five jobs, endured ten thousand earthquakes, owned and renovated a house together and watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy in between.

Photo of City Mall in Christchurch, cordoned off area post 2010 earthquake.

City mall in Christchurch, still fenced off six months after the big earthquake that shook our beautiful city.

Initially, I had decided to propose on a two month trip around India that we had booked. This was a holiday that we were taking in between moving from Christchurch, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. While this sounded very romantic in my mind, it suddenly dawned on me that if I waited until then, we would have no one to celebrate with, not even when we arrived “home” as home was now a new, scary place. The other issue which had entered my head was that I was going to have to somehow conceal an engagement ring on my person through the streets of Delhi until I found somewhere that was romantic.

So instead, I decided to propose the day before our leaving party, so that we could enjoy it with all of our family. I decided that it was fitting to take her on a tour of the ruins of our old city centre and then into the undamaged botanic gardens to propose to leave us with a good memory of somewhere that now had so many traumatic memories attached to it.

She said yes and the rest is history!

Photo of me with my future bride after proposing to her.

Shortly after she said “Yes!”

Although we now live in Australia, we decided that getting married at home was the best option for us because of two factors. The first was that most of the guests are from there and asking them to come to Australia could be a big ask for some of them. The second was that it costs about half the price to get married in New Zealand as it does in Australia! I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t a motivating factor for the decision.

So far, we have made two trips home in order to confirm most of the big elements. We have a venue, a caterer, a photographer, a celebrant and a long-haired, bearded Scotsman for entertainment. These are all of the crucial elements of a wedding aren’t they?


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