Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.

My name is Simon.

Hi there,

My name is Simon and I’m finally getting married to my partner of nine years.

Yes, nine years, cue the obligatory jeering.

The process thus far has been very interesting and fraught with complicated questions, delicately constructed answers and tightrope walking between many differing points of view.

I have decided to write this blog because between my experience so far, and the rise of shows such as ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, a huge gap in the way that men and women think about weddings has become evident to me.

Have you ever wondered why your husband-to-be doesn’t show interest in each element of the wedding preparation or why he doesn’t respond straight away to your questions when you ask him his opinion? I will attempt to demystify these questions and more.

So please follow me as I work towards my wedding. During the following months I will post my updates on how the process is going as well as opinion pieces on the vital elements of a wedding from a man’s perspective.

Kind regards,

Colour photo of my bride and I hugging, she's holding some daffodils


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