Simon says "I do"

The male perspective on weddings.

A few notes about men.

  • We are not complicated characters.
  • Weddings are all about you. We would be happy with anything as long as it’s not embarrassing (I’m looking directly at you suspenders and bow-ties!).
  • Our opinions on weddings are generally informed by what will get us least in trouble.
  • When you ask us what we’re thinking about and we say nothing, it’s generally the truth.
  • We make decisions on gut feeling. We don’t need to see every possible option if we have found something that we already like.
  • We have a short attention span. Please break up wedding activities and decisions into small blocks and you will get a much better result. It’s not that we don’t care; it’s just a lot to take in.

Now tell me, does this look comfortable to you?



2 comments on “A few notes about men.

  1. Amelia
    November 1, 2012

    Haha! I stumbled upon your blog somehow and was quite amused that you incorporated this image (which I shot) and classified how uncomfortable it was. Clearly it’s not up your alley – which is why there are many different photographers out there. I liked reading what you had to say about men and weddings – totally true in my opinion. But all clients are different and not everyone would fall in line with your broad strokes. All the best to you! Hope you enjoy the journey 😉

    • chinstroker
      November 3, 2012

      Hi Amelia. No disrespect was intended to your photographic skills! I was using it to illustrate how I find the idea of suspenders and a bow tie uncomfortable. I’m sure that there a couple of guys out there who are the exception to these broad strokes, but if most men tell you that they aren’t like this, they are probably lying because it’s easier to do so than voice the opinion (see the notes) 🙂

      I actually quite like the photo, however, thinking about my friends and I in those clothes….it isn’t going to happen!

      I’m glad that you have commented. I am currently in the process of finding the photographers to credit on my site and will add you to this post.

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